Covid-19 cancellation policy

During these uncertain times, we have changed our booking and cancellation policy to give you more peace of mind both on new and existing bookings.


Bookings placed on a flexible rate

All bookings that are placed on a flexible rate, can either be moved to a future date at the same price or less, or if you no longer wish to travel your booking can be cancelled without any cancellation charges. All cancellations and moving of dates must be done up to 4pm the day before you are due to arrive.

Bookings on an advance purchase rate

All bookings placed with an advance purchase rate, these are the discounted rate offers with payment taken at the time of booking, can be cancelled or moved to another date up until the end of August 2020 free of charge.  All cancellations and moving of dates must be done by 4pm the day prior to arrival. Please be advised that if you have a booking for arrivals between 24th March and 30th April you will not be charged for non-arrivals.

Bookings for stay dates during the Government enforced ‘stay at home’ order

For all bookings where the arrival dates are from 24th March until the end of April the booker will be contacted by a member of the team to either cancel or move the booking. Please bear with us as we move down the bookings list in date priority order, we will contact you as soon as we can.

For all booking with an arrival date in May and June we will be contacting you in due course once we have completed the April bookings. However, if you wish to make amends to your booking please contact the Reservations Teams on 01423 505681 (All Harrogate properties), 01904 640101 (All York properties) or 01609 749010 (Black Horse) who will be happy to assist.

NHS and other front-line staff

We are proud to be hosting our NHS staff and other front-line workers at our properties during this challenging time. To all of our NHS and front-line guests please be advised that your bookings are secure, and you will still be able to stay with us during the forthcoming weeks in line with Government advice.


Health and Safety

As a group we pride ourselves on always ensuring the highest of health and safety standards. During these uncertain times with have increased our cleaning and safety procedures to include the following measure to keep both guests, customers and our staff safe;



We are regularly disinfecting the rooms during the stay and deep cleaning after check out.

We are also advising out guests that should you prefer for the team not to enter your room we are happy to provide you with clean bedding and towels. These will be provided in a sealed bag.

We are offering room service to all guests and we will be operating this as a non-contact delivery service. The team will deliver the food on a tray, place outside your room and knock on the door. We will stand back at a social distancing range and wait until you receive your food.

Public areas

All our public areas are continually disinfected and sanitised, and regularly deep cleaned. All high touch points such as door handles, lifts and stair rails are continually disinfected.


In addition to our usual 5-star hygiene kitchen standards, we are adding in regular disinfecting and deep cleaning throughout the kitchens. All of our food preparation teams are provided with personal protective clothing and are working within the social distancing measures. We are ensuring that our chefs are working on a reduced rota to avoid contact in the kitchens. This includes a staggered rota.

Delivery services

We are currently asking all takeaway orders to pay for their food by card over the phone to avoid any contact upon delivery. Please do not attempt to give cash tips to our drivers they will be unable to accept them. However, if you would like to give a donation to a charity on their behalf we would love to hear all about it.

All of our delivery services will be non-contact. We will leave your items at your door, knock on the door and wait from a safe distance until you have retrieved your delivery.

Our delivery drivers will be continually washing their hands before and after each delivery round. During deliveries, the team will be using hand gel before and after each delivery.

Vehicles are being continually cleaned with disinfectant with particular focus on high touchpoints such as steering wheel, gear stick and door handles.

Staff personal hygiene

We have advised our staff to have no contact with guests, and all teams are staying within the social distancing measures outlined by the Government. All staff are being provided with protective clothing and equipment, in particular our close contact staff, such as housekeeping and chefs. Staff have also been advised to bring fresh clothing with them to change in on-site before starting their shift.


In addition to all of these measures, we are continually monitoring the World Health Organisation guidelines and working with our local Public Health Authority for guidance.


Thank you,

The Teams at the HRH Group


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